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Touchtone Teller evolves to IVR Telephone Banking System

TouchTone Teller: PFCU Members love the convenience of the TouchTone Teller!  It is the simple and cost-free way to access your accounts, at YOUR convenience 24 Hours a day!   Now it just got better....   PFCU's new Telephone Banking system has speech recognition along with the traditional touchtone teller features.  Here's the best news, NO MORE CODES to remember.   The user friendly telephone teller conveniently walks you through the process to get the information or assistance you are looking for.

Here's how it works!

  1. Sign up for the Telephone Banking at PFCU's Member Service department or e-mail us a request.
  2. Select your PIN Number.
  3. Call the PFCU Telephone Banking Teller.
  4. Follow the simple on phone instructions.
  • Call the Telephone Teller at: 806-273-7689 or 1-800-447-7689
  • ENJOY the freedom of the next generation of the TouchTone Teller!
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