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Courtesy Pay

If you write a check that causes your checking account to become overdrawn, and no other means of overdraft protection is available, the credit union may choose to pay the overdraft (up to $300.00) rather than returning the item to the payee. Consideration for coverage under this policy is automatic and no loan application is required. Courtesy Pays begins only after other available means of overdraft protection has been exhausted. Many other institutions use Courtesy Pay first; we use it last to try to save you the fees associated with the service.

The credit union will not authorize an ATM or one-time debit card transaction if insufficient funds are available to cover the amount at the time of the request.

The decision to pay any overdraft under this policy is solely within the credit union's discretion and you should not rely on us to pay any overdraft at any time. If we do pay an overdraft, your account will be subject to a $15.00 Insufficient Funds fee per item paid. You will have fifteen days from the date of our payment to deposit funds or obtain an approved credit union loan to cover the overdraft. Overdrafts not paid within fifteen days will be subject to collection as set forth in credit union policy. By paying any one or more overdrafts, we do not agree to pay overdrafts in the future and we may discontinue paying overdrafts at any time without notice.

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