Desaster Relief

What you should know about the Equifax data breach and what you can do.

  • What is Equifax?
    • Equifax is a consumer credit reporting agency in the United States, considered one of the three largest American credit agencies along with Experian and TransUnion.
  • What is Equifax saying about the breach?
    • Equifax announced a breach that may have occurred, involving a possible 143 million people across the US. 
  • What you should know.
    • Pantex Debit Cards were not affected.
    • You can visit to find out if you’ve been affected. Just click on the button, ‘Am I Impacted.’

    • There is a toll-free hot line to call Equifax if you have any questions (866-447-7559)
    • Equifax stated they would be sending notices to anyone that might be affected.
    • You can request a free credit report online (this is only a one-time item) at

  • What Equifax is offering you.
    • You can sign up for a credit monitoring and identity theft protection. Equifax is providing this service free for one year only through TrustedID premier (whether or not you’ve been affected by the breach).
    • To enroll visit, scroll down, and click on the 'check potential impact' tab. You must submit your last name and last six digits of your social security number. At that point, you’ll be given a date when you can return to the site and sign up for the service.

  • Is Pantex's Online/Mobile Banking platform vulnerable to a similar attack?

    • Short answer: No, we are not.

    • Long answer: We provide our members with an online and mobile banking experience through a reputable company known as Digital Insight. We have done our due diligence with this company and worked well with them for many years.

      While the exact details of the breach are unknown, it is being reported that an Apache Struts remote command execution vulnerability may have been exploited to gain access to Equifax systems.

      Digital Insight customers (i.e. Pantex Federal Credit Union) are not at risk from the Apache Struts vulnerability, as Digital Insight does not use Apache Struts in its digital environment. This means that the accounts you hold at Pantex are safe from a similar attack that was suffered by Equifax.

      That being said, you should still check to see if your information has been compromised in the Equifax breach, and take all appropriate precautions in safeguarding yourself from identity theft.