Frequently Asked Questions

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What is my account balance?

We get this question quite often. You may not know that checking your balance online is actually faster than calling a branch and waiting for a teller to look up your account information. What makes checking balances online so much faster, is the fact that you don't even have to be at your computer to do it. From virtually anywhere just open the PFCU App on your smartphone, scan a fingerprint, take a picture of your eyes, or type in your password and you're in your account seeing all of your balances instantly. That is just the beginning of what you are able to do with our mobile app. Click here to learn more.

If you're not already signed up for online banking, call or email our Member Service Team to get started.

What is Pantex's routing number?

Our routing number is 311378052

What is the value of my vehicle?

It is difficult to get you the exact value of your vehicle without seeing it, but you can get a very good idea using the NADA website. This is the same service used by our loan officers to help determine the value of your vehicle.

What are your most current rates?

Funny you should ask... We keep our most current rates on our website. Feel free to check here anytime you're interested. 

I've lost my debit card! What do I do?

The first thing you should do is check your accounts to make sure there is no fraudulent activity. Then call and report your card as lost or stolen. Click here for those numbers. If you noticed any fraudulent activity, report that as well. Once you report your old card we will issue you a replacement card. 

I was on vacation and my debit card was declined. There is plenty of money in my account. Why did that happen?

We are very serious about protecting our members from fraud. Because of that, we monitor potential fraudulent activity very closely. If you are purchasing something out of the ordinary or are using your card in a city or state you normally don't make purchases in, your card may be flagged with potential fraud. To fix this, just call our Fraud Department and let them know that the purchase is legitimate.


In the future, if you know you will be making an unusual purchase or traveling, please call our Fraud Department in advance. That way you can rest assured that you can use your debit card uninterrupted.