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Fraud Case Files

True stories we can all learn from!




Classic “Unfortunate Event!”

This latest case of fraud just adds one more chapter to the same “book of lies” fraudsters use to gain access to your private banking information and BANKING ACCOUNTS!

Recently, a member received a call from someone claiming to be with the PFCU Fraud Dept. The caller claimed that the member’s PIN number AND PFCU online banking log-in information had been compromised.  Claiming that the existing information was needed to confirm the members identity, the caller asked for the member’s PIN, and the member gave all the information.  The caller, while the member was still on the phone, was able circumvent all the security that the Credit Union has in place to protect the member, by having temporary passwords and authentication codes sent to the member, who then read them back to the caller, giving the caller access to their online banking.  Twice the member gave the caller passwords and confirmation codes that were sent by text to the member’s phone.  These fraudsters “hit the jackpot” and were able to transfer money from the members savings account to their checking account and then use a fraudulent debit card to make multiple charges worth thousands of dollars!

Always be smart regarding your debit card, credit card and account log-in information.



COVID-19 Scams

The COVID-19 Pandemic that we are experiencing has given fraudsters a new “angle” to use in their quest to get banking information or credit card information from our most vulnerable population... just like the Corona Virus itself.

It has already been reported in other areas that scammers are seeking “donations” for medical supplies.  Scammers are also calling seniors claiming their loved one is at the hospital infected with COVID-19 and his/her health insurance does not cover treatment and asking for over-the-phone payment in order for him/her to receive the treatment.  Scammers have called seniors identifying themselves to be from a medical organization, then claim to have a vaccine against COVID-19.  They stress that there is a limited supply of the vaccine, then requiring over-the-phone payment for the none existent medication.

Always be smart regarding your debit card, credit card and account log-in information.



Penny Charges?

“Penny charges”... what are those you ask?  They are what Fraudsters use to test account information.  A small charge made by the criminals, typically .01¢ to $1.00, to see if all the stolen account information is correct before making larger transactions.

Susan, a member at Pantex FCU, recently received a fraud text alert for a charge for $1.00.  Thinking the charge was for a renewal subscription fee for an app. on her phone, Susan replied “yes” back to the text, indicating that the charge was O.K.  Susan did not pay close enough attention to make sure who the charge was from.  The charge was actually a “penny charge” made by a Fraudster.  Shortly there after several large transactions were made against Susan’s account.  Don’t be like Susan, please pay very close attention to any and all charges.  Make sure all charges are legitimate before authorizing.



Those Sneaky Fraudsters!

The old saying “there is no honor among thieves” still holds true!  Fraudsters will do anything to prey on our trust!  This latest case proves this beyond a doubt.  Dan, a long time Pantex FCU member received a fake fraud text alert...then shortly after, Dan received a call from someone claiming to be with the Pantex FCU Fraud Department.  The fraudster had personal information such as Dan’s address, debit card and social security numbers and by sharing this, were able to gain trust with Dan.  They then asked Dan for account information including home banking log-in information and Dan’s debit card PIN number as confirmation.  Dan, trusting that the caller was from Pantex, freely gave up the requested information.  With this information, the fraudsters were able to successfully make several large transactions on Dan’s account. PLEASE NOTE: PANTEX EMPLOYEES WILL NEVER ASK FOR LOG-IN OR PIN NUMBER INFORMATION.  Never, ever share this information to anyone!   




Not all stories about debit card fraud have an unhappy ending!  This Pantex FCU member had just been home from vacation for a few days.  The member decided to log into to review some of the transactions from the trip.  After logging in, the member noticed a small charge from a clothing store that they had never visited.  It is somewhat typical for fraudsters to “test” stolen credit card numbers with a small transaction to see if it works.   They quickly logged into their CardValet app on their phone and turned off the debit card.  The member called the Pantex FCU fraud department the next morning.  Upon examination, the Pantex fraud department was able to see that shortly after the member turned off the card, there were several other attempts made for larger transactions!  Pantex FCU closed the card and reissued a new card to the member.  This quick thinking saved the card from being charged.  It sure is a great thing when everything goes as planned!



Trial Gone Bad

Pantex FCU member joined a “product trial” advertised online.  For a small fee, which the member paid using a Pantex FCU debit card, they were sent a supply of the product for “testing.”  At the end of the trial period, the member received a large supply of the product unexpectedly.  It was discovered the PFCU debit card was charged for the full priced product and shipping.  Understandably upset, the member called Pantex.  After contacting the merchant, it was revealed that the charge was legitimate and not considered fraud because the member had agreed to the purchase during the original trial agreement.  In the fine print, they had agreed to purchase a supply of the product unless they were to contact the company and decline the offer during the trial period.  Based on this, neither Pantex FCU nor VISA were able to help.  LESSON: Read the fine print! Make sure you fully understand any merchant offer!  The merchant had the card number and charged the member as agreed!