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Our Protection Measures

Pantex FCU uses sophisticated tools to monitor your debit card and detect any unusual or suspicious activity. As a proactive security measure, we have a fraud detection alert system to help protect your account 24 hours a day!

How the Fraud Notification System Works:

1. Fraud Text Alert: Whenever a potentially fraudulent transaction occurs, our system will automatically send a Fraud Text Alert to the phone number associated with your account.  You will see this number on your caller ID: 1.877.273.5740 (it might be a good idea to program this number in your phone’s address book as “Text Fraud Alert”). This text will give details about the suspected transaction. You will need to respond to the text to either authorize or deny the charge.  Reply “Yes” to confirm the transaction or “No,” if you did not make the charge, the transaction is fraudulent!  PLEASE NOTE: For this function to work properly, the phone number associated with the account must be a cell number. If we need to update, or add a cell number to your account, please contact us!

2. Phone Notification: If the text goes unanswered, our system’s next step will be to automatically CALL the phone number associated with your account. You will see this number on your caller ID: 1.877.253.8964 (it might be a good idea to program this number in your phone’s address book as “Fraud Alert”). This call will give you the last four numbers of the card in question and will prompt you to verify your identity by asking for the five digit zip code associated with your card. You will then be asked whether the transaction is “fraudulent” or “OK.” Just follow the prompts!

What next?: If the transaction is verified as fraudulent, our team will close the debit card in question. You must then contact one of our Pantex FCU branches during normal business hours to order a new replacement debit card and/or file a dispute. If we’re unable to contact you about the potentially fraudulent transaction, a temporary hold may be placed on your debit card until the transaction is verified. 

If you experience a temporary hold and have not received a phone call, we may not have your current phone number on file. For immediate assistance, simply call one of our Pantex FCU branches during normal business hours or the after-hours number 1.877.253.8964 and press ‘#’ when prompted for a case number each time to speak with a customer service representative. We’ll be happy to assist you from there.

Things to Remember:

Your Contact Info: If you have changed phone numbers or recently moved, contact one of our Pantex FCU branches to make sure we have your new information. In order for us to reach you quickly about potential fraud, we need your most current contact information.

If you Miss the Call: If you miss the call an automated message will be left letting you know there was unusual activity on your debit card. It will provide you with a call back number and a case number. Write that case number down. They will ask for it when you call back. In some cases, your card may have a temporary hold placed on it. In those cases, the automated message will inform you of that fact. Once you call the number provided, our team can assist you further. 

Travel Notice: Let Pantex FCU know if you are traveling out of the area. Making a travel notice helps our system by allowing typical charges from the new area go through.  Pantex will need to know the where you are going and when you will be at each destination.

Card Valet: The Card Valet app is a great tool for taking control and managing your debit card.  See details under the Debit Card section below.