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Unfortunately, debit and credit card fraud is a growing problem.  Fraudsters are getting more and more savvy with their methods, their use of technology and global communication along with their boldness, in order to gain access to your credit card information. Pantex Federal Credit Union and Visa, both have taken steps to protect your accounts.  With your Pantex FCU/Visa debit card, comes a Zero Liability Policy*, basically stating that you, the card holder won’t be held responsible for unauthorized charges.  

This said, debit card security starts with you!  Smart practices such as reading fine print, using reputable vendors and other practices need to be used in order to protect your sensitive information.  Making your shopping experience safe and secure is our number one goal!


Fraud Information and Prevention

Pantex Protects

"Help... I've been hacked!"

Have you just discovered that your card or account has been compromised?  We need to act fast!

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Pantex Protects

How Pantex FCU Protects

Pantex FCU has sophisticated tools to monitor your debit card and detect suspicious activity.

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Fraud Prevention, Be Proactive!

Debit card security starts with you... digital payment best practices to help keep your money safe.

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fraud alert

Fraud Case Files

Examples of some of the latest methods that scammers are using to fool the unsuspecting.

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Before you travel

Pre-Travel Checklist

On the go?  Then let us know!  Call Pantex FCU before you travel, it might prevent a few headaches.

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Master Card Information

Pantex Master Card

Contact information to help solve issues with your Pantex FCU Master Card.

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