Personal Loans

Pantex Plus (Line of Credit Loan)

With a Pantex Plus loan, you will enjoy a competitive rate and the flexibility of borrowing from a pre-approved amount, as you need it. When you pay it down, it replenishes itself to the original limit, much like a credit card but without the plastic! You'll enjoy 24-hour access to your Pantex Plus line of credit at ATM's using your debit card or through our Touchtone Teller. If you are a current member, you can even complete a loan application today.

Signature Loans

Another exceptional means of financing your purchases. With a Signature Loan, you can borrow a set amount with a predetermined repayment term, without having to secure the loan with collateral. Amounts up to $5,000! Apply now!

Stock Secured Loans

We offer Stock Secured Loans using qualifying corporate stock as collateral. Financing can be up to 50% of the current market value as derived from the latest Wall Street Journal or other independent sources. We can offer terms for up to four years. Apply now!

Share Secured Loans & Certificate Pledged Loans

We offer Share Secured and Certificate Secured Loans using your funds on deposit at the Credit Union. These loans offer the best rates and are quick and easy. This is an exceptional means of low-interest financing as your funds on deposit continue to earn interest (dividends) as you enjoy the low loan rate. Apply now!

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Current Personal Loan Rates

Collateral Financing Amount(Up to) Terms Rates as low as:(APR)
Pantex Plus Loan Up to $5,000 Revolving 11.99%
Signature Loan Up to $2,000 Up to 12 Months 11.99%
  Up to $5,000 Up to 36 Months 11.99%
Stock or Bond Secured 50% of current market value Up to 60 Months 10.00%
Share Secured Loan Rate Adjustable Quarterly Up to 60 Months 2% Over Share Savings Rate