Share Certificates

Share Certificates

Our Share Certificates allow you to lock in a dividend rate on your deposited funds for a specific term - from 60 days to 24 months. It's a great alternative to a traditional savings account because it's a guaranteed fixed-rate return on your savings. That makes it a safe, secure, and risk-free option.

Our Share Certificates offer a minimum balance of $2500 and various terms that work together to build your best savings plan. Additional details include:

  • Your rate remains the same throughout the term of your certificate.
  • Your certificate will automatically renew at maturity at the prevailing rate unless you choose otherwise (notifications are sent prior to maturity).

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Current Share Certificates Rates

Term/Type Annual Percentage Yield Dividend Rate Minimun Balance Dividend Compounded
60 Days 1.31% 1.30% $2,500 Credited to your certificate monthly
90 Days 1.61% 1.60% $2,500 Credited to your certificate monthly
6 Months 1.71% 1.70% $2,500 Credited to your certificate monthly
1 Year 1.82% 1.80% $2,500 Credited to your certificate monthly
18 Months 1.92% 1.90% $2,500 Credited to your certificate montly
24 Months 1.97% 1.95% $2,500 Credited to your certificate monthly
  • Rates are subject to change without notice
  • Fees may reduce the earnings on some accounts
  • Early withdrawal penalties apply to share certificates.
  • A certificate may not be reduced below the minimum balance
  • Receiving dividends by taking monthly withdrawals will reduce the APY.